Cups, Mugs, and Tumblers!


My education in clay started on the potter's wheel. Ever since I have been drawn to cup forms of all kinds. All of my cups are my own orginal designs and creations. Despite a range in color palete, technique and form the common demoninator amoung my drinking vessels is hand detailed texture! If it appears on this page it is a drinking vessel intended to be used. All interior glazes of the vessels featured on this page are food-safe and have been fired to   Cone 10.


"Tumblers: Coralline Algae, Coralline Lost, and Bare Reef Series" , 2014, Stoneware, wheel thrown, white stoneware casting slip, slip-cast, cone 10 glaze reduction soda fired

Untitled, 2014, White Stoneware, Slip-cast, Cone 10 Glaze Reduction Soda Fired